November Is The Peak Month For Sign-up Bonuses


As we transition from fall to winter season, it is the opportune time to look into signing up for a good new credit card offer.

Winter shopping season

Look out for travel card sign-up bonuses in October-November

Our research shows that credit card issuers tend to offer their best limited-time offers for travel and airline cards beginning in October and peaking in November. These sign-up bonuses commonly offer something like 50,000 miles or points if you spend, say, $3,000 within the first three months you have the card.

If you have your eye on a Citi credit card, you’ll find that Citi’s best limited-time offers have been offered in October.

Another good reason to apply now for a new card with a great sign-up bonus is that you’re more likely to meet the threshold to earn the bonus. If you put all your holiday spending — gifts, decorations, food and drink — on the new card, it may be fairly easy to hit that number in the allotted time.

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